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Add smoke bombs to your pictures!

The hottest trend for your wedding pictures is a huge bomb and it literally is. We are speaking about SMOKE BOMBS.

As we had sparklers in the pictures for a while now there is a new trend, which has been here for a bit and we believe will not go anywhere soon. Smoke bombs are great addition to your pictures and as you can find them in any color you can think of, they are suitable for everyone.

This is quiet simple prop to use, however do have a chat with your photographer to check if they have experience with it. Your next move is to have a look with your venue as well if you are allowed to use it. There are some easy steps to follow such as in very hot weather always make sure the bomb is switched off or if it is too windy you might not be able to use them at all. It depends very much on weather conditions.

Also couples normally use these somewhere in the nature further from houses or other people. Keep in mind to hold it above your head in case you wish to preserve your wedding dress as the color could stain it and it is not suggested to breathe it in. Otherwise the bomb can be either held by couple in the air or positioned behind them. It could also be used for group pictures even though it might require a little bit more organization as the bomb itself only last for few seconds. Photographers might also need an assistant and a fan if the weather is too steady. Maybe ask someone from your party to help out if they are willing to.

See some pictures through the article and definitely let us know what you think. We fell in love and cannot wait to have some couple using it at one of our weddings.

If you have any questions please contact us here at Mambo Weddings J

Pictures from: https://www.brides.com/gallery/25-ways-to-use-smoke-bombs-in-your-wedding-photos

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