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The Top 5 Things you need to look for when choosing your Ibiza wedding photographer by Anne Walker!

It's quite normal to feel a little overwhelmed when planning your Ibiza Wedding from afar. There are so many elements to manage and things to decide. But choosing your Ibiza Wedding Photographer shouldn't be a stressful experience, not if you keep these essential 5 things in mind...


Ok, so this is always going to be an important element. Photography is up there with the things you will  most likely spend the most money on. But don't worry the most expensive option on offer isn't always the one which will get the photos best suited to you. Get some quotes, compare prices and don't be afraid to double check what's included. With some services there are things you may have to add on later. So it's best to find out at the beginning if this is the case. The more upfront things are at this stage the better you'll feel.


The better you get on with  your photographer the better your photos will be. It's true I promise! One of the things I love most about  my job is getting to know each couple and enjoy spending time with them. Once you click then the job of getting those special and individual shots becomes a pleasure. When you begin your search for a wedding photographer don't be afraid to ask some questions about each person you contact. The answers will tell you a lot about them and you'll get a good feeling about who you're talking to. On the day itself a good photographer with the right personality will know how to talk to you and your guests and will make the experience enjoyable. This applies to achieving certain shots and also making sure, in the nicest possible way that stray guests stay out of others!


Experience is key. But in the photography world it's essential and in Ibiza it's number 1! An experienced photographer will know how to set up the best shots with minimum fuss and they'll know how to manoeuvre amongst you and your guests without intruding into your day. The aim is for you to hardly ever notice them. They'll instantly know the shots you'll love and how to achieve them. They may not be the cheapest option but a good wedding photographer will always to be on hand for all the most important moments without you having to search them out. This is definitely an investment worth making.

One last point on this subject, experience shouldn't be confused with shooting tons of weddings every summer. These guys are usually overused by mass market wedding companies. They may be competent but they are usually knackered and this will definitely not a happy photographer make. So it's worth asking your potential photographer how many weddings and events they take on each summer. Less is definitely more! And I think your wedding day deserves to be photographed by someone who's really into it.


Your photographer should remain focused and professional at all times. It's good to have a chat with guests and enjoy the day but that has to be balanced correctly with working and always being aware of potential photos. You don't want to look up and see your photographer having a better time than you!

When choosing your wedding photographer it's also important that they not only know your venue but how to get there. The more professional will know all the most popular wedding spots very well. It may only be a small island but the opportunities for error getting to places are countless. It has happened, the photographer has arrived after the bride and all because they didn't really know where they were going. Disaster!

Quality of the Work

The great thing about the internet is there's great access to every kind of photography on offer. You can quickly see everyone's' images and where they've been working.

When looking for an Ibiza wedding photographer it's best to just view a few images from each. Instagram is great starting point. There you're likely to see all their most recent work. From there you can head over to their website and have a look at a few galleries. Then you ask yourself simply do I like this? Can I see myself having a photo like this? How much time would it take to achieve each picture? For example if you're looking for a more natural and relaxed approach you may want to steer away from someone who presents overly fussy set ups. In short if a photographer has made a good effort to present themselves to you in a way that you like then that's it really, job done :-)

Article by Anne Walker (www.ibizaphotography.com).


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