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Bridal Emergency Kit

Dear brides and grooms. Today we want talk about something very important for your special day. I wish I could say that everything will run smoothly on your big day but as we know this is not possible in normal life. Therefore I think it is very important to have an emergency kit ready to save those little hiccups.

I am sure you have heard of this lifesaver and it could be a great gift for bridal shower. Normally it is a task for maid of honour but I totally understand if you like to make it yourself. At the end of a day you are the one to know what might be needed. We will list below some basic ideas what should be included in every kit; however you can personalize yours as you might need things like pair of contacts or extra copy of your vows. This kit can be hidden in your bridal room or you can leave it in the toilet so all your guests can have access to it if needed.

Our Bridal Emergency Kit consists of:

Face wipes


Baby Powder

Nail polish










Boby pins

Hair bands

False nail glue

Small mirror

Super glue

Sewing kit

Safety pins



Then the last bit of creating your emergency kit is to find in what to put all these little things. You can select a bag or as we did a box, which can be easily, closed. If you like DIY you can open your fantasy and decorate it to your taste. This is what we did with ours.

(picture of the box I will print some sticker saying emergency kit and then ill take pictures)

Hopefully this was a bit of help and we will come soon with next article.

Celebrate this special day with us!

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